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Sabanci Machinery

Our company does not have a sales structure in the form of dealers and branches. It carries out its products in the country with its own sales and marketing personnel, the suggestions of the companies it has sold to before, and participation in fairs. It generally transports its products in the domestic market with its own vehicles.
We promote products and companies with advertisements such as international fairs (TÜYAP packaging and packaging machines, CNR packaging and packaging machines) and web catalog works.
Market researches are generally provided by our company through customer visits to the target region and target group.
Our company is one of the leading companies in its sector in terms of new product development.
We have many products that have been registered and whose R&D studies have been completed.
Our company works with customer survey form in customer visits made at periodic intervals. As a result, the relevant activities are carried out by taking into account the customer demands and requests to the extent that they can be realized.
In case of malfunctions that may occur in our products, service is provided within the scope of a two-year warranty, except for customer and usage problems.